Wood Goblet Art

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Hand-Made Wood Ceremonial Goblets,
Wine Goblets, and Chalices

Artist/Woodturner David Sullenger handcrafts one-of-a-kind wooden goblets, wine goblets, and chalices from hardwood branches. See the Gallery of these unique gifts for art collectors and wine drinkers. A goblet becomes a cherished family heirloom when part of a wedding or religious ceremony. Each vessel is perfectly suitable for drinking anything from water to wine.

A wood goblet, chalice, or cup handcrafted by artist David Sullenger is a unique, environmentally-friendly drinking vessel. Each piece is handmade from an "ordinary" tree branch and becomes, under David's careful craftsmanship, an extraordinary work of art.

Newlyweds will have an heirloom quality memorial vessel to be shared at special occasions for the rest of their lives. Wood wine goblets impart the "green wedding" feeling and look great with flowers and organic place settings.

Religious leaders of all faiths will appreciate the gift of a ceremonial vessel. They are useful tools for divinity graduates, priests, cantors, and interfaith minister. Their beauty and quality helps create a ritual quality.

Tree Spirit Art Studio developed from David Sullenger's work as an artist, sculptor, and furniture designer. His studies include Bachelors and Masters of Art degrees. David's honors include the first prizes at the Irvine Fine Arts Center and Orange County Fair juried exhibitions.

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See Wood Goblet Art Online
and in Laguna Beach

See Tree Spirit Art Studio samples on the Gallery page; to make a purchase, request photos of the latest art now available. Credit card payments may be made over the phone. Or visit Laguna Beach, California to meet David and see all the available work.

See our work in Laguna Beach at Mystic Arts Gallery.
664 South Coast Highway. The complete line of wood goblet art: chalices, goblets, and shooters.

See our work at the Laguna Crafts Guild, occasional Sundays on the Main Beach cobblestones. Email us to confirm dates, or see our work at Mystic Arts!

Sawdust and Winter Festivals:
We will not be staffing a booth at the Sawdust Festival or the Winter Festival.



Crafted from downed branches or tree limbs, often provided by friends and customers, these goblets give new life to so-called "green waste."


Unlike expensive, fragile wine glasses, wooden goblets are incredibly durable and may be passed from generation to generation.


David's highly polished finished pieces are one-of-a-kind masterpieces that reveal all the natural beauty of the wood.


Handcrafted wooden vessels are "forever" memorials for once-in-a- lifetime special occasions.


Read the Articles where David shares how he sculpts each piece and tells how to take care of yours.


For special events, new products, and online additions see Facebook.


Contact David by phone (949) 295-2558 or email info@woodgobletart.com