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David Sullenger's Laguna Beach Studio

David Sullenger at lathe where he handcrafts goblets, chalices and shot glasses

Artist David Sullenger grew up in Santa Ana, California, where he demonstrated artistic talent at a young age through drawing and sculpture, creating his own car models by customizing kits. His studies include Bachelors and Masters of Art degrees. David's honors include the first prizes at the Irvine Fine Arts Center and Orange County Fair juried exhibitions. He works today as a fulltime artist crafting beautiful usable art from reclaimed trees.

David started making rustic furniture in 1991 and began winning all-media art competitions in 1993. Meanwhile, he learned to use a range of tools and finishes as part of an antique restoration business. He specialized in rustic-style chairs, tables, desks, beds, mantelpieces, and art furniture.

His vision to create chairs inspired him to learn more traditional woodturning using a lathe. When he saw a bowl-making demo a light went off, which led him to Art Fitzpatrick, a nationally recognized master turner who trained David how to make goblets.

In addition to his sculptural wood art, David's acting is featured on YouTube. He is a certified Laughter Yoga leader in Laguna Beach.

Hand-crafted wood art by David Sullenger

David Sullenger and wife Jeanne share their Laguna Canyon home studio. She makes gourd drums and gourd vessels. They share a Sawdust festival booth where they sell their art.

Jeanne is one of the finest gourd artists in Southern California. Musicians purchase her drums every year because they sound so good, look so good, and they are very lightweight. Collectors all over the world treasure her beautiful decorative gourds. A superb artist in her own right, she is Davidís loving partner and his main source of inspiration.



Crafted from downed branches or tree limbs, often provided by friends and customers, these goblets give new life to so-called "green waste."


Unlike expensive, fragile wine glasses, wooden goblets are incredibly durable and may be passed from generation to generation.


David's highly polished finished pieces are one-of-a-kind masterpieces that reveal all the natural beauty of the wood.


Handcrafted wooden vessels are "forever" memorials for once-in-a- lifetime special occasions.


Read the Articles where David shares how he sculpts each piece and tells how to take care of yours.


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