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Wood Goblet FAQ

By David Sullenger

People have a lot of questions about using and caring for a wood drinking vessel. Here are the most common questions:

1. Can you actually drink out of wood goblets, wood cups, wood chalices, and other wood drinking vessels?

YES! Each piece is sealed with 4 coats of very thin acrylic resin. So you can serve any cool beverage in them, but remember, NO HOT LIQUIDS.

2. People ask, "How do I drink from this goblet without spilling my wine? The edge is so uneven."

Well, looks are sometimes deceiving. You can actually drink quite easily from any part of the circumference on that beautiful natural edge. The curvature of the goblet up to the final edge is symmetrical, allowing the wine to pour out in a perfect little stream...guaranteed!

3. Will red wine stain them?

This almost never happens because wine drinkers don't let their goblet remain full for very long! To be safe, avoid leaving red wine in a wood goblet overnight.

4. Where do you get your wood?

David usually gets his branches from his local urban forest in Orange County, California. He is constantly searching for 4" branches from trees that have fallen either during a wind storm or as a result of trimming. David's clients often give him a branch from their own backyard to be transformed into a special goblet.

5. Can you make a matching set?

David's sets are made up of "one-of-a-kind" pieces that share similarities in shape, size and/or color. David's goal is to create beautiful art in natural wood, which does not lend itself to cookie-cutter designs. Nonetheless, a very attractive set can be made according to these guidelines.

6. What do you do with your scrap wood and wood shavings that ends up on the floor?

The shavings are recycled as mulch, and the unusable wood becomes firewood.

7. How strong are the stems on the goblets?

The narrow stems look fragile, but this is an illusion. David carefully forms each stem so that the grain of the wood (growth rings) run parallel to the stem itself. He also saturates the stem with wood stabilizer which makes it even stronger.

8. Will the wood or finish change the taste of my beverage?

NO, not at all! These finishes are inert once they are cured (which takes about 3 weeks). Also this finish will not leach toxins into your drink.

9. How do I clean and/or disinfect my goblet?

Hand wash in warm soapy water. NO AUTOMATIC DISHWASHERS!!! You may wipe the goblet with rubbing alcohol to disinfect it.

10. Can I use wax to polish my goblet?

Yes, but use only odorless beeswax or carnauba.

11. Do you repolish goblets?

YES! Repolishing is free. Shipping is extra.

Do you still have a question? Please feel free to email David at info@woodgobletart.com..



Crafted from downed branches or tree limbs, often provided by friends and customers, these goblets give new life to so-called "green waste."


Unlike expensive, fragile wine glasses, wooden goblets are incredibly durable and may be passed from generation to generation.


David's highly polished finished pieces are one-of-a-kind masterpieces that reveal all the natural beauty of the wood.


Handcrafted wooden vessels are "forever" memorials for once-in-a- lifetime special occasions.


Read the Articles where David shares how he sculpts each piece and tells how to take care of yours.


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Iron Bark Goblet by David Sullenger

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