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Wedding and Celebration Art Wood Goblet Gifts

Toasting with handmade wooden goblets, by David Sullenger

Mark your special occasion, be it any social event -- house warming, birthday, anniversary, wedding, or religious ceremony – with a timeless work of art: a chalice or goblet handcrafted by David Sullenger.

Wood goblets are a natural addition to your special ceremony. Create lasting memories with long-lasting, useful drinking vessels. The wedding toast is all the more memorable when made from a one-of-a-kind handmade wooden goblet or large chalice. See more samples on the Gallery page.

These works of art reflect a reverence for nature and our place in it. They become reminders of our past and present joys of living.

Holy Chalice, handcrafted by David Sullenger

This photo of “the Holy Chalice” is a beautiful example of how special David’s works of art can become. This is the largest chalice he has ever made.

It was the centerpiece for a very special Easter celebration.

As David says, "It is thrilling to think that there are hundreds of my chalices and goblets being used in religious, spiritual and domestic ceremonies all over the world. Wow!"



Crafted from downed branches or tree limbs, often provided by friends and customers, these goblets give new life to so-called "green waste."


Unlike expensive, fragile wine glasses, wooden goblets are incredibly durable and may be passed from generation to generation.


David's highly polished finished pieces are one-of-a-kind masterpieces that reveal all the natural beauty of the wood.


Handcrafted wooden vessels are "forever" memorials for once-in-a- lifetime special occasions.


Read the Articles where David shares how he sculpts each piece and tells how to take care of yours.


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Photos of the Easter Celebration Featuring David's Holy Chalice

The Easter celebration featuring Holy Chalice, handcrafted by David Sullenger

Last Supper photographs by Steven Schaefer

Easter celebration, featuring Holy Chalice, handcrafted by David Sullenger Easter celebration featuring Holy Chalice, handcrafted by David Sullenger

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