Wood Goblet Art

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Contact David Sullenger

Phone: (949) 295-2558
Email: info@woodgobletart.com

To see photos of work currently for sale, contact David.
Work shown on the website may have been sold.

Purchase David Sullenger Wood Goblet
Art Online and in Laguna Beach

See our work in Laguna Beach at Mystic Arts.
664 South Coast Highway. The complete line of wood goblet art: chalices, goblets, and shooters.

See our work at the Laguna Crafts Guild, occasional Sundays on the Main Beach cobblestones. Email us to confirm dates, or see our work at Mystic Arts!

Sawdust and Winter Festivals:
We will not be staffing a booth at the Sawdust Festival or the Winter Festival.

Contact David by phone (949) 295-2558 or email info@woodgobletart.com